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Tender: MEDICINE 2023
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Remaining time (days/hours) to deadline:
Name of Procuring Entity:
APP Reference Number:
Tender Unique ID:
Tender Title:
Tema General Hospital intends to apply part of its Internally Generated Funds for the purchase of the under-listed medicines to meet a year Procurement for the Hospital
Requisition Number:
Procurement Type:
Procurement Method:
National Competitive Tendering
Includes eAuction:
Includes eCatalogue:
Commencement Type:
Advertisement of Notice
Procurement Technique:
Invitation for Tenders (IFT)
Number of Stages:
Evaluation Mechanism:
Lowest Evaluated Responsive Tenderer (LERT)
Margin of Preference:
No Preference
Framework Agreement Establishment:
73101701-Drugs or medicine production services
Process participation fee type:
Participation Fee Required
Total Amount (GHS):
Terms and Method:
Bid Security Type:
Bid Security Required
Bid Security Amount Type:
Bid Security Amount (GHS):
Contract Awarded in Lots:
Bids for Lots:
One or More Lots
Number of Lots:
Lot Name (1):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1A
Lot Name (2):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1B
Lot Name (3):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1C
Lot Name (4):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1D
Lot Name (5):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1E
Lot Name (6):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1F
Lot Name (7):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1 G
Lot Name (8):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1H
Lot Name (9):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1 I
Lot Name (10):
Anaesthetic drugs -Lot 1 J
Lot Name (11):
Antidiabetic -Lot 2A
Lot Name (12):
Antidiabetic -Lot 2B
Lot Name (13):
Analgesics -Lot 3A
Lot Name (14):
Analgesics -Lot 3B
Lot Name (15):
Analgesics -Lot 3C
Lot Name (16):
Analgesics -Lot 3D
Lot Name (17):
Analgesics -Lot 3E
Lot Name (18):
Analgesics -Lot 3F
Lot Name (19):
Analgesics -Lot 3G
Lot Name (20):
Analgesics -Lot 3H
Lot Name (21):
Analgesics -Lot 3I
Lot Name (22):
Analgesics -Lot 3J
Lot Name (23):
Antihistamine - LOT 4
Lot Name (24):
Antimalarial drugs - LOT 5A
Lot Name (25):
Antimalarial drugs - LOT 5B
Lot Name (26):
Antimalarial drugs - LOT 5C
Lot Name (27):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6A
Lot Name (28):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6B
Lot Name (29):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6C
Lot Name (30):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6D
Lot Name (31):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6E
Lot Name (32):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6F
Lot Name (33):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6G
Lot Name (34):
Drugs affecting the Blood -Lot 6H
Lot Name (35):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7A
Lot Name (36):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7B
Lot Name (37):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7C
Lot Name (38):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7D
Lot Name (39):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7E
Lot Name (40):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7F
Lot Name (41):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7G
Lot Name (42):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7H
Lot Name (43):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7I
Lot Name (44):
Cardiac drugs -Lot 7J
Lot Name (45):
Antibiotics - LOT 8A
Lot Name (46):
Antibiotics - LOT 8B
Lot Name (47):
Antibiotics - LOT 8C
Lot Name (48):
Antibiotics - LOT 8D
Lot Name (49):
Antibiotics - LOT 8E
Lot Name (50):
Antibiotics - LOT 8F
Lot Name (51):
Antibiotics - LOT 8G
Lot Name (52):
Antibiotics - LOT 8H
Lot Name (53):
Antibiotics - LOT 8I
Lot Name (54):
Antibiotics - LOT 8J
Lot Name (55):
Antibiotics - LOT 8K
Lot Name (56):
Antibiotics - LOT 8L
Lot Name (57):
Antibiotics - LOT 8M
Lot Name (58):
Antibiotics - LOT 8N
Lot Name (59):
Antibiotics - LOT 8 O
Lot Name (60):
Antibiotics - LOT 8 P
Lot Name (61):
Central Nervous System- Lot9A
Lot Name (62):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9B
Lot Name (63):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9C
Lot Name (64):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9D
Lot Name (65):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9E
Lot Name (66):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9F
Lot Name (67):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9G
Lot Name (68):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9H
Lot Name (69):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9 I
Lot Name (70):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9J
Lot Name (71):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9K
Lot Name (72):
Central Nervous System -Lot 9L
Lot Name (73):
Electrolytes- Lot 10A
Lot Name (74):
Electrolytes- Lot 10B
Lot Name (75):
Electrolytes- Lot 10C
Lot Name (76):
Electrolytes- Lot 10D
Lot Name (77):
Electrolytes- Lot 10E
Lot Name (78):
Electrolytes- Lot 10F
Lot Name (79):
Electrolytes- Lot 10G
Lot Name (80):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11A
Lot Name (81):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11B
Lot Name (82):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11C
Lot Name (83):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11D
Lot Name (84):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11E
Lot Name (85):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11F
Lot Name (86):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11G
Lot Name (87):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11H
Lot Name (88):
Gastro Intestinal Tract-Lot 11I
Lot Name (89):
Hormonal drugs-Lot 12A
Lot Name (90):
Hormonal drugs-Lot 12B
Lot Name (91):
Hormonal drugs-Lot 12C
Lot Name (92):
Hormonal drugs-Lot 12D
Lot Name (93):
Hormonal drugs-Lot 12E
Lot Name (94):
Topical drugs - LOT 13 A
Lot Name (95):
Topical drugs - LOT 13 B
Lot Name (96):
Topical drugs - LOT 13 C
Lot Name (97):
Topical drugs - LOT 13 D
Lot Name (98):
Topical drugs - LOT 14 A
Lot Name (99):
Topical drugs - LOT 14 B
Lot Name (100):
Steroidal drugs -Lot 15A
Bid submission deadline date:
10/02/2023 10:30:00
End of Clarification Period:
03/02/2023 00:00:00
Bid Opening Date:
10/02/2023 11:00:00
Date of Publication/Invitation:
18/01/2023 16:32:38
Contract Notice Date:
18/01/2023 16:32:44